ww-logoWord Warriors are a Kathmandu-based group of young poets leading the spoken word movement in Nepal. We have been performing, conducting events, competitions and workshops, all over Nepal, sharing the platform that spoken word provides for youth expression and voice.

We want to promote the art form of spoken word poetry though more events, workshops, competitions and work towards national and international slams.

With our education system still heavily reliant on rote-learning, we aspire to introduce spoken word poetry as a creative outlet, a platform or tool of expression for students and youths of Nepal that allows and encourages free-thinking in them. We also want to use the transformative power of spoken word poetry to build their confidence and critical thinking skills.

At the same time, using spoken word as a regenerative, expressive and empowering tool, we want bring out more stories and issues of the Nepali people, and utilize its potential to initiate dialogues for social change.