Sanskriti Unplugged

Love is in the Air !!!
The time just right. The wait finally over.

Sanskriti has been working tirelessly to promote Arts & Culture in our multicultural city of Birgunj. Thus turning over a chapter in our books we proudly officiate our new music venture, “Sanskriti Unplugged”.

“Kati Risauchau” a romantic complaint of a heart, is our first cover sung by yet another beautiful person, Arpana Shakya.

Young and Promising talent that she is; Arpana Shakya began exploring the world of music from a very young age at her hometown Birgunj. An experimentalist by nature, Arpana enjoys listening as well as learning different genres and musical styles.

Screaming Souls, a local band that she has been associated with, has not only given her recognition performing occasionally in and around Birgunj, But as she puts it, The Band has not only helped her become a better singer but most importantly, A better and confident person.

Enjoy the Video here