Artlab was formed to create products and services through the medium of art. Our society is troubled by many problems and Artlab intends to bring awareness through a creative and a positive way, but most importantly in a meaningful way so that it becomes hard to ignore.

We at Artlab believe that a picture speaks a thousand words and art is a potent medium through which emotion and action are aroused with a single stroke of imagination. Therefore to channel this unbridled energy into an active force, art should be accessible to all. Art is a universal language. An illustrative dialect understood by everyone. Instead of limiting it to the galleries it should be depicted in the open. Void of any boundaries. Everyone should be able to enjoy the beautiful rebellion of art.

Many people feel art is very sophisticated, but art can be fun and open to everyone. Most of the artworks are presented in the indoor galleries; therefore it is in limited space for limited people. We want to change all of it and take art beyond galleries to provide creative and positive solution.