Basic Photography and Storytelling Workshop

Samriddhi Foundation in collaboration with Sanskriti conducted “Basic Photography and Storytelling Workshop” in Birgunj for enthusiast and amateur photographers of age 18-35.The theme of the workshop was breaking barrier to unleash entrepreneurship through photo story of local entrepreneurs involved in micro enterprises through their success story or their basic day to day hurdles while working.

Our training helped the participants of the workshop to sharpen their skills of photography by learning camera handling techniques as well as it helped to present the story behind the photograph after the photos are taken.

The workshop were full of discussions, showcasing examples and resources. After the workshop the participants were given assignment which they have to submit 2 photo stories within the deadline to receive graduation certificate from the workshop.

The photo story submitted by the participants will be used as the reference materials later for the advocacy with the local government of the respected location. The ultimate aim is to unleash the barrier of entry, tax compliance and compliance with standards of SMEs on trade, services and manufactures.
The trainers were Surath Giri and Roshan Basnet.

Surath is an entrepreneurship activist turned entrepreneur. He currently runs two companies – Onion Films Nepal, an audio-visual production company that also trains young people on visual storytelling as a part of its social mission and Nepal Language and Research Solutions, a translation and research agency that is also building an online dictionary of languages spoken in Nepal as a part of its social mission. He looks after the business development and the implementation of the social mission for both the companies.

Roshan Basnet is a dedicated and focused person who excels at prioritizing and completing multiple task concurrently. Having remarkable experience on outreach, he is put into the designation of Communication and Outreach Officer in The Foundation that has marked in establishing communication and public relation among national and international actors.

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