5 Day Basic Photography Workshop was successfully organized at Birgunj from 20th to 24th March 2018 which was mentored by Kishor Sharma from Kathmandu. The Workshop that was participated by 22 attendees among which 6 were female aimed to provide basic idea of Camera and its technicalities and get them know hot the camera works which would help them in their respective field. We wish all the participants all the very best for future and we believe they will for sure enact all the lessons learnt.
We would also like to thank all the supporters, volunteers and Mentor for their support.



Sanskriti’s 5th Anniversary

Sanskriti has come a long way. The journey that started with a small idea to team up some self motivated youths of Birgunj and create a platform for aspiring people to showcase their creativity has reached a milestone of five years today as a result of your love, support, motivation, togetherness and care.

We have encountered many hurdles in this long journey but our supporters have always pushed us during those ups and downs motivating us to work more to build a better world. We could not thank everyone any less and it seems as if it was yesterday when the first stone of Sanskriti was laid but it’s already been 5 amazing years.

We marked our 5th anniversary today amidst a cake cutting ceremony with the participants of our Basic Photography Workshop, mentor Kishor Sharma and other volunteers.

Three cheers to supporters and volunteers !


Basic Photography Workshop | 20-24 March 2018

This 5-days Basic Photography workshop is designed for beginners who want to learn how to operate their cameras properly and make interesting pictures about life around them. The workshop will be a mix of in-class lectures and practical shooting exercises.

• Each participant must have his or her own camera.

• The workshop will be based on compact camera and/or DSLR functions.

• The workshop will be open to a maximum of 12 participants.

• Participants must be prepared to work hard throughout the workshop and spend more than 3-4 hours shooting each day!

Workshop will cover the following topics;
• Introduction + history of photography
• Getting to know your camera
• Understanding Exposure (Aperture, Shutter speed and ISO)
• Composition and content
• Visual styles and Master photographers
• Basic street + portrait photography
• Basic Photojournalism
• Experience sharing with local photojournalists and photographers

Date: 20-24 March 2018
Time: 7 to 9 am
Venue: Birgunj Metropolis Office, Conference Hall !

To apply, please submit the following;
• Application form(
• Send 10 of your strongest images.
• Please email your applications to with the subject line ‘Basic Photography Workshop Application’
• Application deadline 5:00 pm, 18 March 2018
• Dalit and differently abled people are encouraged to apply.
• Selection will be done by the head instructor and other members at Sanskriti on the basis of 10 photos sent to Sanskriti.

About the tutor
Kishor Sharma (b. 1983) is a visual storyteller and photography educator. He strives to explore and understand human societies through photography.

He has a Masters’ degree in Mass Communication and Journalism from Purwanchal University, Nepal and also completed Advanced Visual Storytelling course from the Danish School of Media and Journalism in Aarhus, Denmark.

His photographs have been published in TIME, Asian Geographic, Caravan Magazine, Gallerie International, RAW View Magazine, Nepali Times, Republica among others and have been exhibited at various galleries and photo festivals in Nepal, India, Bangladesh, Cambodia, Finland, Australia, France, UK and Japan.

He was awarded with Asia Prize in Photo City Sagamihara 14th General Photography festival for his long term work on Nepali nomads and the whole portfolio has been acquired by the Sagamihara City Museum, Japan.

He is currently based in and works from Kathmandu and also teaches photography/photojournalism at the College of Journalism and Mass Communication, Kathmandu University School of Arts and

The workshop has been supported by वीरगंज महानगरपालिका , Pappu Construction, Sima itta udhyog, Birgunj Chamber of Commerce & Industry and Mohit Group Nepal.

In association with Rel-events Management Pvt. Ltd and Adsbee Media

For questions and/or further information please contact, 9855020717


संस्कृति र सहारा स्पोर्ट्स, वीरगंजद्वारा पर्साका ७ विधालयलाई खेलकुद सामग्री सहयोग

सृजनशिल युवाहरुको समुह संस्कृति र सहारा स्पोर्ट्स वीरगंजले संयुक्त रुपमा पर्सा जिल्लाका ७ वटा विधालयहरुलाई खेलकुद सामग्री वितरण गरेको छ ।

संस्कृतिको टिम लिडर शैली चौधरी को अध्यक्षता तथा सहारा स्पोर्ट्सका संचालक एवं समाजसेवी अशोक कुमार अग्रवाल को विशेष उपस्थितिमा आईतवार एक कार्यक्रममा विश्रामपुर स्थित श्री गोल्डेन अंग्रेजी बोर्डिङ्ग स्कुल, श्री लक्ष्मी शिक्षा मन्दिर, श्री बाल निकेतन मोडेल अंग्रेजी बोर्डिङ्ग स्कुल, महुवन स्थित श्री लक्ष्मी शिक्षा मन्दिर, वीरगंज महानगरपालिका श्री त्रिभुवन हनुमान माध्यमिक विधालय, श्री त्रिजुद्ध महावीर प्रसाद रघुवीर राम उच्च माध्यमिक विधालय र श्री सुन्दरमल रामकुमार कन्या उच्च माध्यमिक विधालयलाई खेलकुद सामग्री वितरण गरिएको हो ।

वीरगंजको आदर्शनगर स्थित सहारा स्पोर्ट्समा आयोजना भएको कायक्रममा ७ वटै विधालयका प्रधानाध्यापक तथा प्रतिनिधि हरुलाई फुटबल, क्रिकेट सामग्री सेट, लुडो सेट, टेबल टेनिस सेट र स्किप्पिङ लगायतका सामग्रीहरु वितरण गरिएको संस्कृतिका सह संस्थापक आशु सर्राफ ले जानकारी दिए ।

विद्यार्थीहरुको भौतिक तथा मानसिक विकासका लागि महत्त्वपूर्ण रहेको खेलकुदका लागि सामग्रीहरु वितरण गर्न पाउदा खुशी व्यक्त गर्दै सहारा स्पोर्ट्सका संचालक अशोक कुमार अग्रवाल ले आगामी दिनहरुमा पनि यस्तो अवसर मिले आफुले सहयोग गर्ने प्रतिबद्धता व्यक्त गरेका थिए । ‘सानो सहयोग गर्न पाउँदा धेरै खुशी लागेको छ, आउने दिनहरुमा पनि यस्ता विधालयहरुलाई हामीले अवश्य सहयोग गर्ने छौं |’, अग्रवाल ले भने, ‘देशका खेलाडीहरुको विश्व समक्ष राम्रो प्रस्तुती देखेर खुशी लाग्छ | भविष्यमा हाम्रो गृह जिल्लाबाट पनि त्यस्ता खेलाडिहरु बाहिरा आउँन र हाम्रो जिल्लाको नाम अगाडि बढ्ढाउँन भन्ने उदेश्यले हामीले यो सहयोग गरेका हौं ।’

श्री लक्ष्मी शिक्षा मन्दिरका जय प्रकाश कुमार ले विधालयलाई खेलकुद सामग्री उपलब्ध गराई दिनु भएकोमा संस्कृति र सहारा स्पोर्ट्सलाई धन्यवाद दिंदै यस्ता सहयोगले विद्यार्थीहरुलाई राम्रो गर्न प्रोत्साहन हुने बताएका थिए । कार्यक्रममा संस्कृतिका सर्दुल भट्टराई, प्रतिक्षा विष्ट, अल्का कलवार, हिमांशु बर्नावाल लगयातको उपस्थिति रहेको थियो ।


108th International Women’s Day

On 08th March 2018, Sanskriti in collaboration of Women Skill Centre and Sano Paila (A Little Step) organized a one day Interaction event on the occasion of 108th International Women’s Day 2018 to bring people together and create a neutral platform where average members of the society can rub minds with others that have gone ahead in their fields. The event was supported by Global Education Counselling Consultancy. The theme of the event was “SEXUAL ABUSE AT WORKPLACE”.

The event was presided by Shailee Chaudhary and chaired by Mrs. Salma Khatoon, Deputy Mayor, Pokhariya Municipality, in presence of distinguished personalities like Mrs. Shanti Karki, Deputy Mayor, Birgunj Metropolitan City, Madam Sushma Tiwari Dwivedy, professor and women rights activists, Mamata Rajkarnikar, Lakshami Dutta, Darshana Jha, Female leader Rambha Mishra, Monika Singh, Usha Sheevastaw, Durga Chettri, Youth leader Rahbar Ansari, Dilip Karki, Journalist Bijay Kushwaha, Ritesh Tripathi, Suresh Bidari, Radheshyam Patel and Madhuri Mahato among others. The attendees of the event were approximately 90 who visited from different parts of Parsa and Bara District.


During the event, our speakers shared their experiences and harassment at workplace, discussed over the abuse at different places women have to go through and also about the mediums to overcome the abuse women face in their everyday lives.


Overall the entire event was fruitful to interact and raise awareness among local actors and aims to the gain the support of these actors in order to impart knowledge of different scopes and emerge a platform for upliftment of the society and received assurance from different organisations to conduct related programs with collaboration from different concerned stakeholders and organizations. From such interactions, Sanskriti believes to create a platform for women to break the monotony and discuss


and debate the unspoken agendas in future.

Event schedule

Time Activity
11:00 – 11:30 AM Registration, Honour to Guests & Speakers, Introduction about Sexual Abuse at Workplace and Current Status
11:30 – 2:00 PM Open Platform to Attendees and guest to discuss the issue and put forward their views